Internal Theft Manchester, Traffordand Old Trafford
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Internal theft

Internal Theft

When watching television news programmes we see cases every day about people being arrested and convicted of crimes in the workplace, such as embezzlement, fraud and sexual harassment. We also see individuals being arrested and convicted of cyber-bullying to the point of death and even murder.

If you’re an employer suspecting theft, you can use the skills of a highly trained undercover investigator to determine the facts and potentially prevent the loss of money and/or merchandise. We will do this very discretely and effectively so that you can put an end to any and all immoral activities, including theft, that may be going on at your company.

Fast Track Associates will work diligently to collect the necessary evidence and documentation, without compromising the trust of your employees. We are highly skilled at being discreet and maintaining our cover because everything hinges on our ability to investigate safely and thoroughly, while remaining undercover. We know that no one can know who we are or that we suspect he or her of doing anything illegal.

A company’s brand and reputation relies heavily on how their employees present themselves in public and conduct themselves behind closed doors at work. A thorough investigation can uncover theft, done both internally and externally, embezzlement, malingering behaviour, drug use, employee sabotage, inadequate and vulnerable security, flaws in the system, inadvertent and/or deliberate proprietary company information leaking out and more.

When an employer periodically has an undercover investigation done, this will protect company interests and prevent a large-scale loss of merchandise over a period of time. Surveillance can be done on a suspected individual to uncover the facts and get the issue resolved once and for all.

When we conduct these sorts of undercover investigations we coordinate with the employer as well as the police and judicial system when required. When wrongdoing is uncovered, the evidence will certainly help present a stronger case and hopefully a prosecution. Any employer has the legal right to protect company assets as well as employees. You have every right to find out what is causing a decrease in profits and anything else that may be happening inside your company.