Insurance Fraud Investigations, Manchester, Old Trafford and Trafford
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Insurance Fraud

Insurance Fraud

Insurance fraud has been in existence since the beginning of the insurance industry. A significant percentage of the insurance claims filed are fraudulent and the cause of billions of pounds a year in losses for the industry as a whole.

There are many different kinds of insurance fraud and they happen in all areas of the industry. Crimes having to do with insurance fraud range in levels of severity, starting with a slight exaggeration of the claim to setting out to deliberately cause an accident or some form of damage. These types of fraudulent activities affect innocent people, directly and indirectly. People can inadvertently purposely be injured and/or incur property damage. Insurance fraud or the criminal activities associated with them cause premiums to go up for everyone.

In the economic environment that exists today, many employers want to stand up against fraud in the workplace but do not know where to turn and usually lack the expertise and resources needed to deal with the problem. One of the most common issues affecting employers is a fraudulent claim to the Health & Safety Executive (HSE).

Fast Track Associates keeps abreast of current trends in the industry with particular attention to the Insurance Claims Investigation and Private Investigation industries. All of our private investigators are highly trained to fully understand every client’s situation and conduct the type of investigation that will get the needed results in the most discreet manner possible.

It takes a lot of planning and preparation to conduct a successful surveillance operation.