GPS Vehicle Tracking, Manchester, Old Trafford and Trafford
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GPS Vehicle Tracking

GPS Vehicle Tracking

Fast Track Associates offers satellite tracking services conducted in real time.

We can discreetly attach hidden satellite tracking devices to vehicles and personal property such as a backpack for example. If you want to know where someone is every minute of the day and/or night, we can find out.

We will provide detailed records of their movement in real time, wherever they are in Manchester, the UK or across the world using the latest in GPS Tracking Surveillance.

  • Are you interested in knowing exactly where your employees are when they’re driving a company car or working in the field?
  • Do you want to know where your spouse or child is when you’re on a business trip or at work?
  • Are you interested in knowing how fast your car is going when someone else is driving it?
  • Do you want to know where your spouse, child, friend or relative is going in your car?


Vehicle GPS Tracking is very easy to implement and an affordable solution for monitoring the movements of someone driving a vehicle. With a small amount of effort we can help you find out where they’ve driven, where they are now, how fast they’ve been driving and where they are heading. For an even more affordable solution our Vehicle GPS Tracking devices can be made available on a daily or weekly basis.

A Real Time GPS Tracking device installed in a vehicle works well to supplement a manned surveillance team or acts as an alternative to surveillance.

All clients are asked to sign an agreement that they acknowledge that they will not use the GPS Tracking Surveillance device for something unlawful as this is strictly prohibited.


Fast Track Associates provides GPS Tracking Surveillance services as follows:

  • We will install the GPS tracking unit in your vehicle or asset and remove it when finished.
  • We will monitor daily and report back to you the movements of the GPS tracking device installed in your vehicle or asset. The device will report back every 10 seconds it is moving and to a lesser extent when the device starts or stops moving.
  • We can have one of our surveillance teams on standby in case your vehicle or asset starts moving. We can then begin manned surveillance relating to anything such as family issues, infidelity, divorce, child custody, your teenager’s movements, asset tracking etc.