Our Services | Fast Track Associates
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What we do


We specialise in all aspects of investigation and surveillance.

  • Corporate Surveillance

    Is your absence from work policy being abused? Is your employee operating another business using your facilities time? Fast Track Associates can monitor this along with issues relating to internal theft.

  • Matrimonial Enquiries

    Family issues and custody matters can be the most emotional and challenging time in your life. Let our investigators who posses the experience and the expertise assist you and address your needs.

  • Internal Theft

    We can come into the workplace and conduct thorough Investigations by conducting Interviews, securing evidence and completing detailed reports.

  • Insurance Fraud

    A significant percentage of the insurance claims filed are fraudulent and the cause of billions of pounds a year in losses for the industry as a whole.

  • GPS Vehicle Tracking

    We offer satellite tracking services conducted in real time. If you want to know where someone is every minute of the day and/or night, we can find out.

  • Undercover work

    Our Surveillance Teams are comprised of former Police Officers who specialised in the art of conducting surveillance. These retired officers worked in specialised, elite or covert units.