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About Us

We Are Solution Focused

Fast Track Associates is a leading Private Investigation and Surveillance company in Manchester. Our team of surveillance and investigative consultants are drawn from the police, military and security industries with a broad background in both public and private sector investigations.

We offer professional surveillance services to the business and legal communities, insurance companies, and to the private sector. Our team travel nationwide and across the world if required, to carry out their work. The scope of our investigations runs from high-tech surveillance, national background checks, corporate and insurance investigations and infidelity investigations. Many of our clients are high profile companies and/or individuals.

Our surveillance operatives are highly trained with the professional skills and expertise to resolve the most difficult assignments. We use the latest technology in carrying out the investigative work along with detailed reporting to give you the kind of results you expect from the top surveillance specialists in the country.

Fast Track Associates is fully capable of handling the investigative needs of the UK’s most prominent law firms, insurance companies and claim agencies. We also work with both high profile and private individuals, investigating their most personal matters with the utmost discretion.

Many people believe that private investigators are only seen in films but in the real world people from all walks of life benefit from these types of services. If you are in a situation where a qualified and reputable investigator could give you the answers you are seeking, we can get you those answers quickly and discreetly.


Professional and Discreet

The investigative consultants at Fast Track Associates are highly trained and experienced professionals who understand how important it is to maintain complete confidentiality. Client privacy is paramount in carrying out the work.

In addition to complete discretion and confidentiality our priorities include:

  • Using sound judgment on every assignment
  • Demonstrating concern and compassion for clients
  • Incorporating state-of-the art technology to get results
  • Providing very detailed reports to clients


Get the Answers You Seek

Everyone has their own reasons for hiring an investigator to seek answers for them. Fast Track Associates will do what it takes to get the information you’re seeking. No one will work harder than our highly skilled private investigators so let the experts work on your behalf so that you can raech a resolution of the problem you’re dealing with.

If you are spinning your wheels in a search of answers, give us a call today to schedule your free consultation.


Why Rely on Fast Track Associates?

  • Guaranteed complete privacy, confidentiality and discretion
  • Offer free consultation
  • Detailed reporting
  • Competitive fees

Regulation of Investigatory Powers

Fast Track Associates advise that all surveillance conducted in the private sector should follow the same principles and guidance derived from the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act (RIPA), which was enacted to control surveillance activities by the police, government agencies and other public funded bodies to protect the public. RIPA does not control the private sector but those practitioners in this specialist field should always work within the meaning of the Act and by doing so can be seen to have maintained professional standards throughout.

Meet the team

Fast Track Associates have a trusted team of surveillance & investigative consultants from police, military & the security sectors.

Surveillance Team

All operatives come from either a Police or Military background and have amassed considerable experience within the fields of covert & overt surveillance and vehicle tracking. Many of the techniques employed by the team stem from their previous employment experience within the services.

Electronic surveillance consultants

These surveillance consultants are well-trained and considered experts in their field for both electronic surveillance and counter-surveillance.

Fraud Investigations Consultants

Our fraud investigations consultants are former police detectives with considerable national & international investigative experience spanning several decades.